SUPERMOON is a Proof of Stake (PoS) based cryptocurrency, with the unique approach to PoS of variable APR% stakes linked to the phases of the Moon in real time

Phases are New Moon, Half Moon and Full Moon; each one tracked over a lunar 'week' with variable rate of APR% return:


Full Moon : 500% APR

half-480 darker

Half Moon : 200% APR


New Moon : 100% APR

SUPERMOON reacts with bonus APR% for various Stellar events such as: Meteor shower peaks, Planetary transits, annual periodic key events such the Equinox and Solstices. The highest rewards are gained via Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Blue Moons and of course the rare Supermoon and New Supermoon

Bonus reward Stellar Events for shown periods:


Meteor Showers : +200% APR (Peak 24-48 Hours of Event)


Equinox or Solstice : +200% APR (24 Hours of Event)


Planet 'Transits' the sun : +200% APR (timed per second of Event)


Monthly (or Seasonal) Blue Moon : +300% APR (24 Hours of Event)


Solar or Lunar Eclipse : +300% APR (timed per second of Event)


SUPERMOON (& NEW SUPERMOON) : +400% APR (24 Hours Event)

For dual or triple stellar bonus events occurring simultaneously, SUPERMOON stacks the rewards from each and also gives a bonus +100% APR for dual events or +200% APR for triple events, all timed to the second of the overlap

See the Calendar page for key Astronomy Calendars Stellar / Celestial events for the 2018 year onward

SUPERMOON reacts to the published calculated events by the second for the start of any event and the 24-hour Universal Standard Time (UTC) published times are via